Why become a Stampwallet reseller? Off the shelf validated product, market growth, no hassle. Why wait?

Nov 13th, 2020. Posted in: News

The problem

Updated Nov 2020

You are running a marketing company in which you offer multiple technological solutions to your clients. However, creating all these solutions yourself is expensive, takes a lot of time and knowledge. Most of the times it is not possible to create it yourself due to the lack of resources. 

A Loyalty program is a great way to offer to your clients. Many companies today adopt it to treat their customers. As a result, retain long-lasting relationships with them. However, there are a lot of loyalty programs and Customer loyalty apps out there in the market. Many of them don’t allow you to set your own pricing. Every market is different and asks for a different pricing strategy.

“I have been working in the F&B marketing sector for 10 years now and the market is changing fast. Especially with technological products. To be able to stay ahead of my competitors I need to be able to quickly adopt new valuable solutions to offer to my clients”. Said Nico, from South Africa.

Stampwallet solution

Stampwallet allows you to launch your loyalty program in 3 top validated markets (Food & Beverages, Beauty & Healthy and Retail) with the full sole right to distribute in an easy-to-use, modern and up-to-date platform suitably to both SMEs and large enterprises

With Stampwallet, you can offer your customers digital loyalty promotions (stamp- and point- cards) and coupons. Customers can easily save and redeem via the app. As a reseller, you will have access to a multi-functional management panel that gives a business full control. You can create, edit and manage promotions, messages, transactions, and customer insights. Stampwallet subscription provides a huge range of data from transaction per day, age group to redeem ratio and popularity of different categories.

“We trust Stampwallet for its responsiveness and regulation. After purchasing a license, we received full training and all needed resources immediately to be able to market Stampwallet here. It is such an innovative platform while still modern and adaptable to a different market. They help us in every step in launching the app and leave room for our own implications. Due to the installation of the app, we now can track customers’ activity and offer them better service since we get to understand them more” – shared Reyner Harris, the reseller in Sweden.

The benefits/ results

“Stampwallet has gone down really well with our customers,” said Jorge H. Orta, HR Director, and Business Consultant at Memorial International. “Panama is one of the most “digitalised” countries in Latin America and businesses focus on strong digital marketing strategies. Stampwallet represents an effective and economical tool for companies of all sizes offering the best way to create a solid loyalty strategy that turns into an opportunity for placement in the market.” 

“There aren’t so many companies with such a versatile yet easy product. Of course, there are some offering loyalty tools but require physical cards. Our customers tell us every day they enjoy having their punch card on their phone. After just a few weeks, we knew there was no going back – Both our customers and staff love it. Now after being a Stampwallet reseller after 6 months, we have already accomplished to establish a revenue of more than 50.000 USD!” ” – Jorge H. Orta.

“I have been working in marketing for over 5 years. I like everything about technology and the desire for innovation. Stampwallet is definitely one of the biggest innovations I’ve ever seen and I was pretty sure it would work in my country – Ecuador. Now I feel proud to say it DID as our business scale so well after reselling the app. We got more merchants to join our board, more trustworthy partners and more ROI. I would recommend Stampwallet to every business owner who wants to develop a loyalty program” – Paulina Sambrano, Reseller in Ecuador.

Interested in becoming our resellers? More information:  https://customerloyaltyapp.com/become-a-reseller/