White label solutions

Sep 18th, 2019. Posted in: Blog, Loyalty Programs

Stampwallet, known for its digital loyalty card platform, has grown into a tech firm offering sources of innovative solutions. With the experience gained from the development of the app, which is now available in over 8 countries and the expertise of the whole team, we make your business easier and more efficient. You can have your own loyalty program customized for your company with Stampwallet white label solutions. 

So why Stampwallet white label?

A loyalty program is undoubtedly beneficial for the business since it increases customer retention and boosts sales. Although you could create your own digital platform, having a white label brings you huge advantages:

  • Your business will be facilitated with off-the-shelf products tailored to your wishes
  • The platform is market-validated, thus the visibility of your brand is ensured. The more efficient the brand operates in the market, the more customers they have; the more the customers are committed to the brand, the more profit it generates.
  • Stampwallet white label solutions support the business with a module-based platform, which means you can add other features to your app on your preference. What would be greater than having a market-validated app in your very own version equipped with specific functions to your taste? 
  • It’s economical to your business. Every feature is price set, therefore you don’t need to worry about paying unnecessary fees.
  • Not only is it cost-efficient, but also it’s time-saving. No other resources are required, within 2 months you’ll get your program to be delivered at your door. 
  • With over 10 years of experience in loyalty, you can trust us with our expertise!

White label app features

You can choose either the same Stampwallet app platform for your business or create it to your taste. The simplest way is to copy and paste Stampwallet app with different colors and themes. However, if you want to have your own one, we are here to help! We customize the app according to your request with as many functions as you desire. Our software and API, which we call ‘blocks’, include Receipt Capturing, Face Recognition Engine, POS, Analytics Tracking and more. These blocks can be added to your program to make it an awesome innovative tool. Shortly, having Stampwallet white label means you have your own right in designing the app. 

Besides digital wallet with stamp cards and management panel with promotions, places, and messages to keep customers up-to-date, you can offer coupons to all Stampwallet users in your region. It’s a perfect way to generate more customers.

Moreover, scanning QR codes allows users to share cards just like they could with a paper version and get rewards faster. Your customers will thank you with their loyalty.

Multiple stores can form a group account and have their own promotions apart from each individual’s. Customers can earn points every time they shop in stores belonging to the group. This works perfectly for shopping malls and store chains.

Lastly, Scanner App feature for merchants enables them to give points to customers. It makes your program even faster and more convenient.

Case studies

Many have seen their business growing well with Stampwallet white label program. A pharmacy chain Benu in the Carribean received a 45% rise in daily engaged customer rate and got more than 10 thousands users. Skenicash raffle solutions in Curacao with gamification earned 2.34 million transactions and over 60 thousand users within 2 years.

Sounds interesting? Contact us to have your own program in your area!