White label loyalty programs

Mar 17th, 2020. Posted in: Blog, Loyalty Programs

If you’ve thought about your own digital loyalty program, now is the time! The blog will walk you through all about a branded app, which is called a “White Label” and how it benefits your business.

What is a “White Label”?

A White Label is a product or service that is manufactured by a company but sold under another’s name and logo. A White labeled product is rebranded to give the impression that the new owner created it.

White labeled products present equivalent or even higher quality than self-developed products as they often include special technology and are based on years of experience and development from the creator.

It is now the trend in the technology industry, especially in the loyalty program field, since businesses can have their own application without having to spend much time and resources developing it.

Why A “White Labeled” loyalty program?

A White Label gives your business a unique opportunity to have your own digital customer loyalty solution with a wide range of benefits.


Creating your own app takes a huge amount of time, effort and therefore, money. The cost of seeking sources, labours, planning, debugging, experience, and developing the program are huge and can take years to make it perfect. The creator of a White Label already got this covered for you so you can be up and running in no-time. 

White Label solutions aid in minimising the cost and risk in creating a loyalty program.

Fast go-to market

A White Label loyalty program platform is market-validated, thus increasing the visibility of your brand. The more efficient the brand operates in the market, the more customers it has. The more customers are engaged in the program, the more profit it generates.

All learning already done by creators

With White Label solutions, you won’t find yourself struggling in running and managing a loyalty program or development team. All the process and features are well-developed by the expertise in the field before bringing the final product to the market. 

Do these benefits sound interesting to you? At Stampwallet, we do have White Label loyalty solutions catered for your business type: whether you’re running one brand, multiple brands or looking for a complete customized app, Stampwallet has them all!

Let’s get a solution that is bespoke to your brand but built on a foundation that you can trust: request more information now!