What features should be in a loyalty management system?

Dec 13th, 2019. Posted in: Blog

What’s in an effective loyalty management system?

Customers will opt out of your program if they are spammed with massive offers and irrelevant messages. A good loyalty management system should support a program and ensure its smooth running and efficiency. It’s a complete package of segmentation features, integrations, and API, self-service customer portal and notifications.

Let’s dive into these key features

Segmentation and personalized incentives

Having a loyalty program is a great way to connect to the customers and turn them into brand advocates. It needs to be sync with CRM software in order to collect customer data and learn their behaviors. These customer profiles and their history demonstrated in a unified customer view help marketers craft the promotional campaigns easier and more effectively.

There are times when brands want to offer an exclusive program to their specific customer segments, and dynamic segmentation allows them to achieve it. Marketers can divide customers into groups with filters and create loyalty incentives for the targeted ones.

By delivering values to the right customers at the right time,  your brand stands a high chance of attracting new customers while holding on to the existing ones.

Integrations and API

An omnichannel approach to a loyalty program is inevitable to promote the program and leverage its activities in different channels. You probably need third-party vendors to activate these channels, which leads to complexity and high cost.

API works in this situation by integrating these channels. API with comprehensive documentation, and onboarding engineer and a software development kit aids in creating an omnichannel experience to the customers.

Self-service customer portal

Running a loyalty program requires operational help from outside agents. These agents assure seamless customer experience by answering their questions and keeping track of the rewarding process.

A self-service customer portal within the app where users can see their progress and monitor the program is a solution to this matter. Not only does it enable customers to manage their points easier, but it also reduces the workload of the team.


An effective loyalty management system should not miss a friendly reminder. Reminding people to shop with you by sending them promotional messages is great. However, overdoing it can cause more harm than good. A friendly yet smart reminder notifies customers in a non-intrusive way with relevant information based on their attributes.

A powerful loyalty management system is key to drive the utmost of the program and make yours stand out from the crowd. Taking these above features into consideration can help you achieve the goal.

Speak to our team to know more about the features and how the system works.

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