How to train staff on your loyalty program in 5 easy steps

May 16th, 2017. Posted in: News

Your loyalty program can only be a powerful tool as long as it has members. The more members you have on your loyalty program the more visits you’ll get from repeat customers and the bigger they’ll spend. It is therefore of vital importance that all staff are well trained so they know how the loyalty program works and how to successfully promote it and introduce new members.


1. First of all make sure everyone understand the nuts and bolts of how the loyalty program works

For your staff to be confident about the loyalty program they need to fully understand the nuts and bolts of how it works and what they need to do to ensure stamps / points are earned and redeemed successfully. Here are the key points:

Stampwallet app – Stampwallet is a digital smart wallet in which they can add stamps / points cards. Customers can simply add your card to their wallet after which they can save stamps / points or stamps (depending on what promotion your business fits best). The app allows customers to keep track of their earned loyalty currency, see what rewards are offered and redeem those rewards when they’ve earned enough stamps or stamps / points.

How stamps / points are awarded in your loyalty program – Stampwallet allows a business to customize their loyalty program to suit their type of business and approach. It is important that staff are 100% clear on how they should award stamps or stamps / points and how to redeem them – As it is them who will be awarding the stamps / points through using either a QR code or iBeacon (depending on your type of subscription), engaging with the customers and building that customer loyalty. So whether the loyalty program is set up to award stamps / points based on spent amount, or stamps / points based on items purchased e.g. Coffees – make sure it is clear and simple for them to understand how it is set up and how to allocate the stamps / points to loyal customers.

What rewards are offered by your business – Take staff through the rewards that have been set up for the business, any welcome bonus, special bonuses and how promotions work. Make sure staff are aware of all the details so they can confidently and correctly communicate this to the customer.

What loyalty means to your business – An increase in loyal customers leads to an increase in revenues which benefits everyone involved in the business. For more information, read our blog about


2. Learn from the big brands – Introduce your loyalty program to every single customer

Use research of big brands: There’s no harm in taking ideas from big brands. They spend millions of pounds every year to find the best ways to market their loyalty programs, so why not take some pointers? Most of us will have been in a supermarket at some point when the cashier kindly asks if you have got your bonus or loyalty card. It’s a prompt to sign you up (if you’re not already) to their loyalty program.

It’s important you also engage with every customer and ensure they know about your loyalty program. It’s always asked in a relaxed, matter of fact way and invites a conversation as to the benefits of joining your loyalty program. Staff must be at ease about talking about the loyalty program and must mention it to every customer.


3. Make sure that all staff members have downloaded the Stampwallet App to their phones or seen the download process

Understand the app: The best way of understanding something is to use it. Get all your staff to download the Stampwallet app to their mobile phones. By going through the sign up process themselves they’ll find it easier to take a customer through it. Getting a customer to spend a couple of minutes to download the app there and then in the business will get you another potentially loyal customer to increase sales in your business.

Let your staff benefit: They’ll also of course benefit from the local and independent businesses in their area that also have a Stampwallet program so can spread the word of Stampwallet and your loyalty program. Word of mouth is an extremely effective form of marketing so this can really get your loyalty program booming.


4. Increase staff involvement in the loyalty program

There are many ways in which you can increase staff involvement with the loyalty program.

Listen to your staff: Your staff interact with customers’ day in day out. Therefore, it is them who are closest to understanding what potentially would motivate your customers to increase their loyalty and spend with you, what they often ask for and what would make them feel truly special. Allow staff to provide input into the types of rewards you should offer. If they feel included and involved they’ll be much more motivated to promote the loyalty program.

Sign up incentives: Give incentives to sign customers up to your loyalty program. Who can sign up the most customers this week? Some small rewards will certainly go a long way to gaining enthusiasm within your team and in turn getting even more loyal customers signed up.

On-going training: Make sure the Stampwallet program becomes part of your on-going staff training and certainly part of any new staff induction training. Make sure that all staff are completely happy interacting and engaging with customers through the loyalty sign up, and earning and redeeming processes.


5. Make the most of marketing materials

Use our posters to the fullest: With every Stampwallet program we provide posters. Placing these materials throughout your business is a great way to focus your customer’s attention on your loyalty program, so make sure your employees are aware of certain hotspots.

Locations to place materials: Your point of sales is traditionally a very effective place to advertise your loyalty program. Customers can sign up and instantly receive stamps / points on their purchase which is shown to really motivate people to complete their programs. Placing marketing materials here also has the added benefit of keeping your employees aware of the loyalty program and can jog them so they are reminded to ask your customers if they have downloaded their loyalty program app and checked in for rewards.

Anywhere where the customer may have a prolonged time to focus on the loyalty program will also be effective. In a hairdressers for example, placing the leaflets near the mirror will give the customer half an hour to focus on, and respond to the call to action.

Use our other materials: There is also lots of training information, guides and ideas up within your business admin area. All designed to help you to get started and grow your loyalty program with the help of your staff.