Tips & Tricks (#38)

Sep 19th, 2018. Posted in: News

Getting the most out of Stampwallet will help you to generate more returning customers. And more returning customers result in? Yes, money! To do so, this week we will discuss the following 2 features that support your loyalty strategy:

  • Message center
  • Information links

Message center
In your management panel, you have a tab that enables you to send messages to all users on the Stampwallet platform who follow your business. You can even specifically target messages by adding filters. Depending on your subscription, you can send 1 or more messages per month.

Information links
Via the management panel, you can add informational links to your Stampwallet account that your customers can see in the app. E.g. your website, social media links, email addresses, phone numbers, etc. Make sure that you inform your loyal customers of your channels!

Go to your management panel and try it out!