Say Something Nice Day – 1st June

Jun 1st, 2019. Posted in: News

Say Something Nice Day – get to know the importance of saying thank you to customers with SW

Say Something Nice Day – Have you ever heard about it? Let’s learn more about the exciting day with us and find out how business can say something nice to the customer on that day.

About this day

Say Something Nice Day originated in Charleston, South Carolina. Some said it was inspired by Mitchell Carnell’s book, Say Something Nice – Be A Lifter @ Work, which encourages people to be a lifter. The lifters are the positive ones who cheer people up and encourage them, who always say nice things to whoever they meet. 

The aim of the day is to be kind to special people in our lives, for example, our parents. It is also a day to show appreciation to those who make our lives more comfortable, such as bus drivers, healthcare nurses or teachers. This unofficial holiday is a good chance to apologize to people whom we might have wronged or hurt.

The message of Say Something Nice Day is that positivity goes a long way in spreading happiness and joy, and by keep saying nice thing to people, we can fight against impoliteness, bullying and be nice to each other every day.

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On this special Say Something Nice Day, to Stampwallet and other businesses out there, let’s find how important it is to say thank you to the customers and also efficient ways to express kindness to them.

Why “thank you” is important to do business?

Obviously saying “thank you” has a huge impact on acquiring customers, building healthy relationship and increasing profitability. While many believe that they lose their customer due to the harsh competition, the fact is only 9% of customers leave for a competitive reason, 68% stop buying because of an attitude and indifference feeling caused by company’s representatives towards them. When people choose to commit to a specific brand, they expect personalization and tailoring. Given that meaning, they decide to belong in a brand community because they feel a sense of respect and want you to care for them as an individual.

Thus, the simplest way to retain customers and make them loyal to your business is to say thank for their choice and for being part of the community!

How to say thank you in business to customers

  • Include a “thank you” note with every order

It is one of the easiest ways to show appreciation to customers. By adding “thank you” note to every order or ship box, either by automated form or handwritten note, you are lightening up the customer joy of receiving the order and making a whole customer experience completely better. It strengthens customer relationships and turns the order to the partner exchange.

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  • Pay attention to social media advocates

Why not make use of social media to say thank you to the customers? For example, give heart to social posts that your brand is tagged on, listen to their feedback and reply to their comments. It is totally free and easy to reach out to a wide range of customers.

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  • Use insight to tailor “thank you” note

Rather than sending standard thank you note, consider tailoring it. You can use customer insight data collected from loyalty program to specialize your message to them.

  • Don’t forget to thank the past customers

Past customers are also important to the business and by sending thank you message for their participation and also “we miss you” note, you are showing appreciation for past business and welcoming them to join later on.

On Say Something Nice Day, Stampwallet wants to say thank you to all of you who always beside and support us. May your kindness be spread and appreciated. 

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Love from our team