Sales & Marketing (management) internship opportunity

Aug 9th, 2016. Posted in: News

You can now execute your management internship at Stampwallet in Curacao! Stampwallet is one of the most anticipated startup companies that offers a loyalty / marketing program in the form of a mobile application platform. We offer you the opportunity to design and manage the marketing and sales operations within the company and therefore receive a great responsibility!

Stampwallet cooperates closely with Media 599, a creative digital production agency that works for local and international brands. Due to this cooperation, you as an intern will get multiple insights and perspectives that enables you to analyze business processes on different perspectives and enhance your decision making. We for example work with iBeacons to enhance the app users’ experience and increase the ability to extract data out of the market’s behavior.

The Stamwpallet team consists out of marketing, sales, and development professionals. Additionally, there will be multiple interns who will strengthen the company and therefore create a very young dynamic business culture that continuously offers you great opportunities.

Are you driven, creative, organized, and ready to take on challenges? Then please contact us!