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WhatsApp Loyalty

No more hassle rewarding customers with loyalty points. We turn a receipt into a loyalty voucher. No hardware or software needed. Customers simply send a message to our WhatsApp number, select your business and upload a receipt. We analyse the receipt on line-items and total amount, and reward your customer according to your loyalty rules. All through WhatsApp (or other IM services).

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Send a message to start

Customers send a WA message with a company name or QR-code to initiate the chatbot.

Simply upload a receipt.

After identification of the business, simply upload a receipt to start our receipt check engine.

Check line-items with OCR

We analyse the receipt, extract line-items and the total amount. We use the data in our reply in WA.

Instant reply, instant points!

If a receipt of the participating store is valid, customers will be rewarded instantly.

Fraud protection levels

We offer several fraud levels. You as a business choose which level fits your situation best.

Data and insights

You receive very valuable data and insights per transaction and customer. Use the data to create persona's and target customers.


WhatsApp Loyalty gives you great advantages, like: Fully automated, no hardware needed, no more time loss at the POS, cross-channel, really valuable receipt data per customer, customers don’t need to download an app, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps on every phone. WhatsApp loyalty is powered by PSL Business Solutions.

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