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Stampwallet App

Offer your customers a digital loyalty card using the Stampwallet app. You can offer stamps, points or coupons, which can be redeemed for discounts and prizes. Stampwallet is available worldwide in English, Dutch, French, Arabic and Spanish. Create your loyalty program now, and download our apps.
Starting from only €35 per month (+ free trial).

App features

Loyalty Cards

Offer loyalty cards to your customers. You can decide when to give out stamps, points, and rewards.


A coupon is a free reward or discount for all users in your area. A great tool to attract new customers.

Message Center

Send customers messages through your message message board. Communicate with them and share special promotions using the message board.

Card Sharing

Just like paper cards, the digital cards can be shared with friends and family members. Scan someone’s personal QR code and start saving together!

Get Started Now

Within 10 minutes you have your digital loyalty card set-up in the Stampwallet App. Get ready to serve your first customer. You can choose to do it yourself or ask us to do it for you.

Register for a Stampwallet trial - customer loyalty app

Free Trial

Try Stampwallet for free. No creditcard needed. Create your account or request support.



Upload your logo, add information and create your unique loyalty card (promotion).


Good to go!

Give a stamp or point using a static QR-code, QR panel feature in our management panel, or scanner app for ios or android.


User collect points with Stampwallet

Your customers download the Stampwallet app for ios or android to collect stamps or points

Management Panel Features (dashboard).

You are in control. Our Management Panel allows you to fully manage and operate your loyalty program.


Create and manage your own loyalty cards (promotions) and coupons.


Communicate with your customers and keep them up to date on your new products and promotions!

Insights & Reporting

Use your customer and transaction data to create reports and get valuable insights.

Management panel - customer loyalty app

Rather have your own loyalty app?