One brand loyalty app example

Loyalty API for developers

Create your own customer loyalty solution with our unique API. Use our API to create your own loyalty app or platform without having to start from scratch. Low cost, secure and proven technology.
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Secure API key

Request your own unique API key to get access to our API. You can create Places that are only accessible by you, so you can easily manage your clients.


With your unique API key you can create places. A place can be a store, event, service, or any other type of business. Every place has it's own unique place ID.


Every place can have one or more promotions. A promotion is an active loyalty program of a specific place. You can setup a type (points or stamps) per promotion.

API users

Every customer connected to a place is a user. To create users we offer apiUsers. You can create a userID and use the ID to save profile data in your own database or add additional data to our API.


A transaction is a loyalty currency to give to users like a point or stamp. You can use negative transactions to redeem points or stamps.


You can easily check points of users to display their balance. Display this in an app, use it for insights, and for fraud / security checks.


Create a QR-code that can be scanned with the Stampwallet app. The QR-code represents a value that is connected to a specific place.


View statistics of the places you manage. Use this request to easily charge your customers for their usage.