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Card Linked Loyalty

No more hassle rewarding customers with loyalty points. We turn a debit card, credit card or Apple Pay into a loyalty account. Customers automatically save points at a business; online or offline. Immediately during payment, without slowing down the checkout. No apps or extra hardware needed! Our card linked loyalty technology is powered by Loyyo.

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One time registration

Customer sign up during checkout or on a unique page. They make a 1ct payment and registration.

One or multiple payment methods

The customer can connect one or multiple credit cards, debit cards, or Apple Pay cards to their account

No time loss during checkout

Don't loose valuable time during checkout. Once registered collecting is fully automated.

High activity within your loyalty scheme

Customers don't forget to collect their points. Resulting in high activity.

Cross Channel Customer

Online or in your store, we recognize the customer after a payment.

Data and insights

Measure cross channel, identify your customers and target them accordingly


Card linked loyalty gives you great advantages, like: High activity within your loyalty program, fully automated after one-time registration, no hardware needed, no more time loss at the POS, cross-channel loyalty, POS and e-commerce, no bank or credit card provider needed to setup. This product is powered by Loyyo.

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