Loyalty Expo 2017 in Orlando

May 11th, 2017. Posted in: News

Last week we traveled to Orlando to participate in the annual Loyalty Expo 2017 hosted by Loyalty 360. The conference focused on the new innovative loyalty programs and implementation methods that are currently and in the future available. What not to like?!

The expo was held at the Caribe Royal Resort in Orlando from May 2-4. And so, with two bags full of hardware, the CEO and Product & Sales manager head out. Once arrived, it was all about preparation. The setup of the Booth needed to be perfect and the visitors had to be able to really ‘experience’ Stampwallet’s loyalty solutions. After 2 full days of work, everything was set up and ready to go! (see pictures below).

The following three days during the event, it wall all about networking and showing everybody what we have to offer. The response? Flabbergasted! Literally every person that had the honor to experience all Stampwallet Solutions was amazed on how the Super Beacon and the API’s functioned and all the possibilities that it had. So overall, a successful conference!

The team back in Curacao is now back together to follow up all the visitors that came by. It is hard work but there is a great number of opportunities laying ahead! Stay tuned to hear more about them!