Loyalty during corona virus

Loyalty during the Corona Pandemic

Mar 25th, 2020. Posted in: Blog, Loyalty Programs

This time it’s more than ever important to make use of your loyalty program.

We are living in the unprecedented and challenging time in which the global coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected our life and well-being. While we all hope that it will be over soon, we, at Stampwallet, are also aware of how stressful and uncertain you feel towards your business during this crisis. This time, more than ever, is crucial for your business to make the most out of your loyalty program. It’s time to show your loyalty to your loyalty customers.

Use data from your loyalty program to keep customers informed

Many parts of the world are going through lockdown. People have been asked to shelter in place and under quarantine. Shops are being closed, flights are being cancelled and entertaining activities are being postponed. With all the chaos the whole world is experiencing, it is of great importance to inform your customers about your situation and keep them updated.

Use customers data from your loyalty program and craft a message to them. Inform them on any changes of your business (running hours, delivery service, merchandise stock,…). Gain trust and create long-lasting relationships with your customers during this hard time.

Offers rewards during low-peak time

Light up the dark time by offering rewards to your customers. Giving them points per every purchase or even per week to keep them engaged and build a strong customer retention. Give customers reasons to shop more in the challenging time.

Even if your customers do not buy from you during this off-peak time, consider rewarding them with points and incentives. With so much demand for certain products and limited supply, many people are taken aback with fear of exorbitant price. By giving them offers during this stressful time, you are showing your dedication to business sustainability and great customer service.

Using insights from your loyalty program can help you to find out which customers always been loyal to you and your business. Even during lockdown it’s time to show your loyalty. Reward them with points, because you know for sure they would have visited you in normal times. This will build a unique relationship.

Use data to connect to customers

A downtime can be a great opportunity to develop your marketing strategy. Use email communication to show that you are here for them and for any concern raised. The user data in your loyalty program is really beneficial in developing the customer relationship and brand community. 

Use alternative ways to reward customers

If you ever use Stampwallet you are familiar with our QR-codes. You can create QR-codes straight from your management dashboard. These QR-codes hold a certain value of points. When your customers scan this QR-code with the Stampwallet app they will get rewarded with points. If your business is closed but you still deliver goods, our QR-panel is a great way to keep rewarding customers. Create a QR-code for every order and add it to the order. Your customers will be surprised and happy. It’s best to send your QR-code digitally through email because of hygiene, which is very important during this time.

Hygiene – Germ free killer paper

Paper can be a problem for hygiene during the Corona pandemic. That’s why we suggest sending QR-codes digitally. But we do have a unique solution if you want to give your customers a printed card with points; Germ free killer paper.

Bacteria / germs can attach to paper and a customer can be infected. Not a great way to get rewarded ;). But we have a solution. We offer unique paper which kills bacteria / germs for 99.99%. We will order a batch of QR-codes for you printed on this paper. Contact us for more information or call +31850606669

The Corona Pandemic shall pass, and we will come out as a stronger society as ever before. It’s a crucial time to be loyal to your customers. We hope that these recommendations from us can help you make the most of your loyalty program. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us (https://customerloyaltyapp.com/contact/).

Take care and be safe!