Strive for improvement!

Sep 5th, 2016. Posted in: News

We understand that improving our services and products is of major importance in order to stay ahead of our competitors. Therefore we launched a survey to see how our current users and merchants think about Stampwallet. What are things that we have done well in the last years and what can we do better?

The outcomes on the survey pinpointed that Stampwallet has done great according to our merchants! The two main reasons to have Stampwallet installed are to increase loyalty from customers and to improve their marketing! 100% of the merchants who filled in the survey would recommend other business owners to have Stampwallet installed!

From the users, we noticed that 93,1% is satisfied with our services! Although, it remains important for us to keep reminding our clients that the prize/discount they offer for a full card needs to be attractive enough for the customer to start saving! Apart from that, we need to focus our marketing more towards creating brand awareness! To anticipate on this, we already created new stickers that will be placed on the counter. More info on this will follow soon!