Interview with Stampwallet reseller in Panama

May 21st, 2019. Posted in: News

More and more resellers join Stampwallet every day. One of the first adopters in South America was Jorge H. Orta together with his companion Michael de Haas. They obtained a license for Panama and are making great steps with their sales! Even companies like Dunkin Donuts, Wok to Walk, and Gelato & Co. can be found in the app!  Due to their great success, we asked them some questions to see how they do it.

1. Can you give a short introduction on how you have experienced your training and communication with Stampwallet Head Quarters?

There is no doubt that we have been very fortunate in terms of the closeness that we have with Stampwallet Headquarters. Our experience is more than great since I’m a witness of how the day by day learnings of the platform from the provider and client points of view became a necessity for the local businesses in order to save their current customers.

There is always something new to learn that is based on what the clients need and there is still an opportunity to adapt the app to the specifications of every market. In this case, the Panamanian market, a very traditional one that works on the word spreading.

Training and communication have been very effective. After requesting the license, we have been getting full guidance on the features of the platform itself and what best practices to utilize to sell and market the app. Additionally, having our own agent panel in which we can manage all our clients is the perfect tool to become self dependent to grow our own business.

2. Why have you chosen to become an agent of Stampwallet and not some other loyalty provider?

We hadn’t ever seen such a friendly, modern, up to date and original platform that was actually reachable to every industry and to every size of the business in the market. Stampwallet gives you the opportunity to start selling an off the shelf product that has been validated in the market. Also, the ability to set our own pricing is something that we haven’t seen with other loyalty providers. This enables us to fit the right prices for our own market and push our own strategy.

3. Why is Stampwallet a good product-market fit in Panama?

Panama is one of the most “digitalized” countries in Latin America and the majority of business, local or international ones, focus on strong digital marketing strategies. Stampwallet represents a very easy, effective and economical tool for companies from all sizes, that offers the best way to create a solid loyalty strategy that becomes into an opportunity for placement in the market.

4. What are your competitors in Panama and how does Stampwallet compare to them?

So far, there aren’t any competitors with such a versatile yet easy product. Of course, there are companies that offer loyalty tools but require physical cards. Other business work with points to the customers, but they don’t offer transparency to their clients in order to let the clients see their points and decide how they will use them.

5. What opportunities in the market have made you want to become a reseller of Stampwallet?

Panama is growing and business competition is becoming more aggressive. As a matter of fact, businesses don’t want to lose their clients and don’t want them to run away towards their competitors so business owners that are actually keen on knowing about innovative and very reachable ways to develop a loyalty plan, cannot resist to such an original and awesome platform such as Stampwallet.

6. What type of businesses has been your most efficient target group?

Restaurants are the most common ones. The rest of the types of businesses are still opening and breaking the conservative barrier of the idea that stamps and points are just for food businesses. It’s just a matter of time that they endure their commercial creativity that Stampwallet offers to the current clients when their customers spread the word about the app among the local population.

7. What difficulties/thresholds have you experienced during your Stampwallet agent experience?

The hardest part is definitely to educate the business owners. They need to know and understand that their main target is their current customers and therefore they have to evolve their business culture by communicating their clients about their new app. 

I always suggest to the clients that they need to communicate to their customers to download the app but as their own tool for loyalty, not as Stampwallet since I don’t want them to sell my app but their own tool. In the end, their customers are the ones becoming loyal to their business and not to the app itself.

8. What has been the best sales strategy in your market?

The best strategy has been to approach the most popular places here in Panama and simply showing them the platform. Once they see how easy it operates they understand the value of it. After harvesting a good amount of stable clients, their customers have been asking about what is that brilliant platform called (since some of them own businesses). Then they write or call.

9. How do you foresee the future of Stampwallet in Panama?

I see that we have no limit as in growth here in Panama. Stampwallet can easily become the absolute loyalty product in the country (loyalty digital market place from the user’s view). The local market will get more and more accustomed day by day and will break the fear barrier of keeping traditional.