Integrations and solutions from Stampwallet

Feb 24th, 2017. Posted in: News

Stampwallet is not just a simple app. Our Stampwallet app is only a solution of what our platform can do. We have multiple solutions available or we can create solutions for you using our hardware, licences, api and sdk. Please find some examples below:

POS integrations

Are you looking for a loyalty solution to integrate with your POS? We can connect the Stampwallet app and platform to your existing POS setup. It’s also possible to only use our Super Beacon and PRO licence to integrate in your own app so you can reward your customers with stamps, points or however you want to call your loyalty currency.


  • Connect your Stampwallet card to your POS and reward customers on every receipt.
  • Print unique transaction code (qr or barcode) to receipts.
  • Connect your own loyalty currency to Stampwallet and use our tools to analyse.
  • Connect our Super Beacon and PRO licence to reward or redeem using bluetooth or nfc.
  • Send digital receipts to email with unique link, code or qr.

We currently work with the following POS companies: 

Do you want to add your company to our partner list? Contact us here.


Unique and innovative! Connect your ‘offline’ and local loyalty platform to your web shop. After checkout and payment your customers will receive a unique QR code that can be scanned 1 time. They can scan this QR right from their screen with the Stampwallet app or your own solution combined with our PRO licence.

If your customer visits your web shop on mobile, we simply show a button they can click on to receive their stamps in our app using a app switch. If your customer doesn’t have stampwallet yet they will be redirected to another page where they can register and start saving.

We currently connect with several web shops plugins like woocommerce, shopify and prestashop, but our API can be used in every type of web shop on the market, even with a custom developed one! So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get started!


We created an API to generate QR codes or Value Links based on an invoice total. You can easily connect our API to your invoicing software. Your customers get a reward per email every time they payed an invoice. They scan this reward or click on it (on mobile) and get redirected to your place in our platform.

We currently have connected our API with:

Our API is ready for other connections you or your developers can setup. Contact us for more information.