Google & Apple VAS

Nov 23rd, 2020. Posted in: Loyalty Programs

VAS stands for Value Added Service. Apple & Google VAS are an important innovation for loyalty programs.

From the merchant’s point of view, digital loyalty programs serve to increase customer retention and customer spend. Customers want convenience, benefits and security when they’re purchasing a product or service. Therefore, many brands are partnering with Apple and Google to create secure digital loyalty platforms for a more convenient and engaging loyalty environment, as well as a more positive brand experience.

Many people have heard of Apple Pay and Google Pay – you could be using them right now for contactless transactions. However, few of us know about Apple VAS and Google Pay Smart Tap, the technologies that make it possible for brands to make loyalty cards become a part of the customer’s digital wallet. Both Apple and Google are expanding their mobile wallet offering, to not only enable mobile payments, but also to manage digital loyalty programs for both the merchant and consumer. Both Apple and Google leverage the NFC technology native to their mobile phones to convey payment and loyalty data stored in the mobile wallet. Apple VAS and Google Pay Smart Tap are loyalty platforms based on secure data exchange with encrypted information, which serves to elevate the loyalty experience for both merchants and customers.

Since Apple VAS and Google Pay Smart Tap is already embedded in mobile phones, customers can quickly tap-and-go at the checkout line to convey both payment and loyalty in a single transaction. This solution allows merchants to cut checkout time, as well as collect information about customers’ spending habits. The data is then used to personalize promotions and discounts for customers, which merchants can then push directly to their customers’ smartphones via the NFC tap-and-pay experience. This value-added service helps to create a unique shopping experience, which in turn drives sales. For merchants who have adopted Apple VAS and Google Smart Tap, customers don’t have to worry if they’re not enrolled in the merchant’s digital loyalty program at the time of purchase. With just one tap, you can easily enroll in digital loyalty programs with existing information, such as your name, email, address, already stored in your mobile wallet.

Stampwallet & Loyyo both offer Apple VAS and Google Pay Smart Tap support, which is a huge step seeing Apple Pay & Gpay payments increasing in stores rapidly. Contact us for more information or a demo!

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