The Curacao Innovation Award

Nov 22nd, 2016. Posted in: Uncategorized

Four prizes, but only one could win the biggest and overall prize! The Curacao Innovation Award.

Here we all sit together while our CEO Wouter Meeuwisse is sitting at the front. It feels wrong to sit separately but on the other hand oh so right to be here together to possibly receive that grand award that we’ve been working so hard for. On the stage stands the host of the Curacao Innovation & Technology Institute who guides us through the evening.

The first three categories are gone over one after another; the Social Innovation Award, the Business Innovation Award, and the Public’s Choice Award. Each category, except for the Social Innovation Award, has Stampwallet included. However unfortunately, the name Stampwallet isn’t heard after each time the host says; ‘and the winner of this category is….’. Our hands start to get sweaty and we don’t even dare to look at each other anymore, but we all think the same; ‘Will we even walk out of here with any prize?!’

Then it’s finally time for the big finale; The Curacao Innovation Award. Our hands find each other while we imagine how Wouter must feel. This has to be our moment! First all three nominees are named; Stampwallet, Street Art, and TV Direct Kanal 13. Then, once again that sentence; ‘and the winner of the Curacao Innovation Award is..’. It feels like seconds turn into minutes and minutes into hours, but then that name. That name that sounds like music in our ears; STAMPWALLET! We all jump up and full of proud and excitement we see our CEO climb the stage where he takes the prize in his arms and thanks everyone that has helped us make this come true!

Once again we would like to thank all our customers, merchants, employees, users, and investors for their support and we look forward