Chirstmas Loyalty Ideas!

Dec 7th, 2017. Posted in: News

Start a Christmas loyalty promotion! 

Christmas is all about being with your family and friends! Loyal people all around you. Let your customers know that you are also loyal to them and give them incentives just for coming by the store! The more they get incentives, the more they love you!

Christmas is all about love!

Use your loyalty program to send gift inspiration via email or social media

How many times have you wandered aimlessly through the aisles in stores looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones?

Your customers struggle with this too!

So why not suggest some of your products or services as the perfect gift this holiday season?


If you have collected email addresses from your customers, create and email a gift guide that highlights a handful of gift ideas.

You can break the guides into categories like:

  • Gifts for Mum
  • Gifts for Dad
  • Gifts for Him
  • Gifts for Her
  • Or you could even do stocking fillers…


Provide a last minute holiday deal

Give your customers an incentive to shop at your store for their last minute holiday needs.

Consider sending a promotion that offers a 20% storewide discount or a specific deal on a popular product.

Just take a look at this holiday promotion from Birchbox that combines a holiday deal, which includes extra rewards points with a shipping reminder.

You could consider trying a similar promotion. Send it to your customers via email or in-store.

Final thoughts…

If you were to put even just one of these campaigns into action during the festive period you will see a difference in your business.

So don’t wait before it’s too late!