Canada – testing our super beacon (sbeacon)

Jul 21st, 2016. Posted in: News

We’re currently in Canada to develop and test our super beacon. I hear you thinking ‘what the h*ll is a super beacon’. Well it’s pretty simple. A super beacon (sbeacon) is a device that uses multiple protocols to detect users, send content or even get content from users. So why is this interesting and why are we building this?

As some of you may know Stampwallet is using ibeacon for several reasons: automatically open a store card when you’re in a store that is in your wallet, to collect stamps or redeem full cards and for analytics and push notifications.

This worked pretty good, but we weren’t happy with some behaviour, especially using Android phones. So we brainstormed about a solution. NFC is working really good on Android and also gives us abilities to use Stampwallet without phones (with keychains). Wifi is even cooler, because this means the phones using Stampwallet don’t have to be connected to the internet! Eddystone (ibeacon protocol from google) works better on Androids than iBeacons, etc.

So why not combining all these features and make Stampwallet even better! We call it Stampwallet Pro. Will all protocols working together we can connect our super beacon to point of sales, vending machines, but also use NFC keychains to collect stamps, phones without internet, plastic cards, etc. The super beacon and Stampwallet Pro is our next step to make Loyalty, Marketing and Database building even simpler. It’s available really soon. We will present our super beacon in Q4 of this year and will be present at 2 big trade shows in USA next year (January and May).

We can’t wait showing it to the world!!! Do you want to try our ALPHA or test with us? Please contact us.