Best times to re-engage your program members

Oct 10th, 2019. Posted in: Loyalty Programs

Customers don’t buy from you because of your low prices or your Facebook targeted advertisement; they buy from you because of how your brand makes them feel.

Customer relationship plays a key role in having a sustainable business with a strong customer base. Among all of the strategies, a reward program is proven to be effective as many businesses have been taking it on and seen positive outcomes. Rewarding consumers with points adds value to each interaction they have with your brand and establishes reciprocal relationships; however, giving points alone cannot guarantee long-lasting connections. The more engaged the customers are towards your program, the stronger their emotional investment in your brand will be.

With a huge number of programs and promotions out there, sometimes your customers forget about your offers, which leads to disengagement. Below are 3 best times to take advantage of in an attempt to get your customers to re-engage in your program:

Celebrate their birthday with birthday point rewards

Happiness is contagious. What would be greater than having your favorite brand celebrate the special day with you? Birthday points are a simple, personalized way to tap into the feeling of happiness. By sending birthday wishes with birthday point reminders through email, you will not only generate excitement to your customers’ feeling but also let them know your brand are truly dedicated to the offer you give out. 

A great birthday email should include the balance points and ways to unlock the reward as well. Moroccan Oil – a prestigious hair care brand – shows us an excellent example of birthday rewards. 

Image result for moroccanoil loyalty program

By showing the customers how they can convert the point into tangible rewards, you give more reasons for them to come back to your stores to have delight experience all over again.

Remind them that their points are about to expire

Everyone has a strong sense of loss. Psychology states that our motivation to avoid loss is incredibly stronger than the motivation to earn. It is true when it comes to the customer’s unused point balance. If your customers have earned points that are going to expire, reminding them through a message of expiry date motivates them to put these points into use, making them re-engage with your community.

Your customers are more likely to take action when they receive a fun, interesting email. Boathouse indicates how it should be done in the picture below.

Related image

Not only does it indicate the customer’s balance, but it also shows how they can redeem their points for a physical reward. When people see the value in unused things that are reminded, they’ll feel the commitment the company gives to its customers by helping them get the most out of their community. A sense of trust will be established, and the more the customers trust your brand, the more sustainable the business will grow.

Add excitement to their new VIP tier achievement

One of the greatest feelings in the world is reaching a goal or celebrating a new milestone. That’s why VIP tier promotions are efficient. By launching a VIP tier program with clear milestones and exclusive rewards at each stage, people find more motivation in achieving a high status.

However, it is the case when customers are too exhilarated that they may forget entry rewards they have earned. Reminding them that they have earned something extra which can be used for the next purchase adds value to their shopping experience and deepens the emotional investment they have in your brand.

Getting customers re-engaged by getting in touch with them at the right time is crucial in maintaining a strong customer base. There’s no wrong time to engage with your customers as long as they see value in your program. Create an effective program (or we can help you with that) and take advantage of the perfect time to strengthen their emotional relationship with you.