Benefits of becoming a reseller

Jun 20th, 2019. Posted in: News

Reselling business – an innovative business trend you should start thinking about!

The reselling business is a great option for either first-time entrepreneurs or experienced businesses looking to expand their verticals. 


The reseller is a business who buys a product from the manufacturer and sells it to the end user either online or through traditional offline direct channels. This way of doing business takes advantage of the reseller dropship business model as you are the middlemen between manufacturers and users. A reseller is different from a distributor in which he/she doesn’t hold inventory of merchandise nor support the manufacturer in related issues like marketing, branding, and labeling. A reseller has his full right in his own territory in reselling products from manufacturers.

To Stampwallet, resellers are groups or individuals, usually marketing consultancy and service consultancy who have the sole right to resell the Stampwallet app in their region. The main target markets are Food & Beverage, Retail, and Beauty & Health companies. Stampwallet provides the reseller with all the tools and resources needed to quickly implement and scale the Stampwallet app in the reseller’s market.

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Starting a reselling business can be easier and cheaper than you think. Below are some benefits of becoming a reseller:


Unlike a distributor that requires a high margin, becoming a reseller enables you to set your price. You can choose the product suitable for your business, buy it at a fair price then sell it at your own cost to ensure your profitability. Being Stampwallet resellers, you will have the full freedom to set your own pricing. The higher the price you set, the more income you earn. On average, our resellers already break even after 22 connected clients!


As a reseller, you can start your business road right away without waiting for any products to arrive. As soon as you add reselling products and content on your site, you can begin marketing your business. Moreover, it doesn’t ask for much time commitment since most of the processes are automated and you won’t need to package or ship products to the customers. Stampwallet offers a full package of platform and services needed for setting your own business. You won’t have to go through complicated messy software since our app focuses on your local business. As a reseller of Stampwallet, you will get support for whole activities including research, development, and marketing and have access to the multi-language platform.

No stock and inventory

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As stated above, the best thing about being a reseller is that no carry of stock is required, which means no inventory cost and high revenue. You only pay for products customer orders from your website. It reduces financial risk and is a perfect tool for budget-conscious or start-up enterprises.

Quick and easy expansion

If you act as a reseller, you are able to sell a wide range of products. Your consultancy business can grow into various technological products such as POS systems, marketing services, and of course a loyalty program like Stampwallet. Stampwallet operates its business on 3 most validated markets: Food & Beverage,  Beauty and Health, and Retail, thus your opportunity to diversify the product choice and have your product market authorized is splendid. Our reseller community is worldwide available with an enlarging network approach. Also, because you don’t have to pay a lot for bulk inventory to make sure enough goods selection, you can test your expanded strategy with different methods and see if it is efficient. Of course, we do offer you advice with experienced best practices. In other words, you can scale your business with the click of a button.


Do these above benefits sound appealing to you? Stampwallet is looking for resellers now. As becoming our reseller, you can start developing your business in validated markets without going through the expensive struggle of having to buy your own loyalty app. You can have all your freedom and rights in reselling our products.

If you have questions about the reseller licenses in your region and how they work, we’ll be happy to answer them for you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this lucrative option and how it can benefit your business!