Investment opportunity!

Jun 21st, 2018. Posted in: News

It all started three years ago at a tropical Starbucks location in the Caribbean. Wouter (CEO) was asked to come up with an innovative solution to digitize their paper stamp card. Before he knew it, Stampwallet was born, and more and more companies such as Coca-Cola and Victoria Secret followed.

Since then, we have turned ourselves into the tech frontrunner in the loyalty landscape. Especially in this era, agility and speed to innovate are of great importance. Ripples have turned into waves with our newest recognition API for license plates, voice, and facial elements.

After all these years, we now have moved the company to The Netherlands to expand into new markets. In February this year, we successfully completed the three-month accelerator program ‘Fintech & Cybersecurity Startup Bootcamp’ in Amsterdam and now it’s hard to keep up with our demand.

That’s why we want you to become part of our journey and invest in Stampwallet. We need funding to meet this demand and therefore launched a crowdfunding round on Leapfunder. Our seed will be live tomorrow morning (Friday 22nd of June 2018) at 08:00 AM CET!

Why are we giving you a heads up? Because early birds will receive an extra discount of 5% in addition to the regular discount of 20%. So first movers will be rewarded extra. The cap for the early birds is 25k.

We are looking to raise 100.000 euro. In addition to the 50.000 euro we raised last week.\