Analytics & Insights of your Stampwallet loyalty program

Jul 2nd, 2018. Posted in: News

A digital loyalty program brings a lot of great advantages. All your customers are logged in and registered using their email, phone number of facebook profile. With this you instantly learn who those customers are.

If you use your loyalty program well and you reward those customers after every purchase we also log those transaction. This will give you the following insights:

  • Who visited your store
  • When did they visit
  • How many points did they receive
  • How much did they spend
  • What was the interval between the last visit

You can use these insights for your marketing campains. You can use our management panel to send messages between the usual ‘interval’ so they will return sooner, or you can contact everyone that did not visit for a certain amount of time.

To make everything a bit easier for you, you can now export your analtycis dashboard as an image and get a perfect snapshot of the activity in your loyalty program. Try it now!

  • Simply login to your manager (
  • Go to the first page called ‘overview’
  • Click the blue export dashboard as png button on the right
  • Now save the image!

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