Our story

Our founder Wouter Meeuwisse lived on the beautiful island Curaçao. In 2011 Wouter had been working on a self-developed app for some time; a digital guide with which you could walk through Curaçao and receive information based on a hotspot nearby you. For example a restaurant, bar or special monuments. 

Beginning of 2012 the marketing manager of Starbucks Curaçao told Wouter she was having a serious problem. She explained that they were still using paper stamp cards, instead of the successful digital program Starbucks used in America: as a franchisee outside of America, could not use this program. Wouter updated his guided tour app, stripped some parts and added loyalty cards, and Stampwallet was born! A SaaS and affordable Loyalty Program for SMB. Starbucks Curaçao was one of the first customers.

After 1,5 years Curaçao counted over 250 stores that offered Stampwallet to their customers. We soon received requests from other islands and even other countries. We launched Stampwallet in Bonaire and Aruba. All requests also created an opportunity: create white labels. A white label is basically a copy of the app, with another name, logo, and colors. Cambodja 'Stamp with me' was the first White Label. A new business model was born.

End 2016 Stampwallet was the proud winner of the Curacao Innovation Award. A prestige prize for startups and companies in Curacao. This gave us a real boost. We scaled to other countries in the Caribbean and tried to focus more on a 'world wide' reach. We completely rebuild our platform from scratch, with better and scalable software, a very fast backend with a real time database (firebase), and a new and improved dashboard with data and insights.

Stampwallet was not only noticed in Curaçao, but also in The Netherlands. Startupbootcamp invited Stampwallet to participate in the FinTech program in Amsterdam. In 2017 was Stampwallet selected from 541 companies from 72 countries. In October 2017, Stampwallet was chosen in the top 10. That is when the company moved to the Netherlands to participate in the acceleration program.

Moving to the Netherlands helped Stampwallet to grow faster in sales, adopt focus, and learn more about the target group in the Netherlands. With a team of professional strategists, marketeers, developers and designers, we are here for you to provide you with the best customer loyalty apps. Our experience in different fields enables us to keep developing new innovations. We changed our domain name to 'customer loyalty app'. A more fitting name, we are a digital loyalty expert selling loyalty apps and solutions.

We now offer our Stampwallet app as SaaS solution, and you can request a White Label loyalty app for your business. We also offer cool enhancement and unique solutions to reward customers with Stamps of Points, for example: card linked loyalty, a scanner app, a QR-code panel, POS integration and much more. Checkout our product section for more information or contact us!

Our loyalty solutions can be found all over the world!

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