6 reasons why you should have Stampwallet in your store

Dec 13th, 2016. Posted in: News

Of course you want your customers to keep purchasing your products over and over again. But how? Loyalty programs overall are pretty expensive and difficult to understand. That’s why we’d like you to meet Stampwallet. The easiest loyalty program for the lowest price! Here are 6 reasons why Stampwallet should be your loyalty system;

#1 Create more revenue
A loyal customer spends on average 67% more then someone who isn’t! Someone who saves stamps with Stampwallet at your store is by definition a loyal customer!

#2 Stampwallet is cheap!
Stampwallet BASIC only costs $19,99 per month when signing up for 1 year. That’s it! No additional costs charged. That means that if you’d save only $0,64 per day, you’d already save the costs to have your Stampwallet subscription!

#3 Attract more customers
Stampwallet becomes more and more popular. Currently the user base already has more than 10.000 users who have direct access to your location, email address, telephone number, and Facebook page!

#4 Gain customer information
In these competitive times, it is essential to know you customers. What do they purchase, why to they buy your products, etc. Stampwallet enables you to have detailed insights in your customer purchase behavior and lets you analyze much more!

#5 Have direct contact with your customers
What can be more valuable than being able to send messages to your ‘loyal customers’. Nothing right? With Stampwallet, you are able to send your new products, discounts, newsletters and anything you want to your customers!

#6 Make your customers feel special
Stampwallet enables you to make your customers save up for a special prize or discount at your store. It is completely up to you when your customers receive a stamp and what they’ll receive once they redeem a full card!