5 tips to leverage B2B loyalty programs

Dec 3rd, 2019. Posted in: Blog

With the vast development of the loyalty industry, B2B enterprises don’t stay out of the edge.

There are hundreds of loyalty programs for customers, but they are not limited to only B2C programs. B2B loyalty programs have been experiencing the extension as many companies operating in the field joined in.

Building a B2B loyalty program can be challenging due to the smaller scope and its different implementation compared to B2C’s. Here are the 5 tips that help leverage your B2B loyalty programs:

Offer B2B-specific rewards
B2B loyalty program is different from B2C’s not only in the form of execution, integration with the tech kit, but also in the incentives themselves. Be sure to cater tothe rewards to your targeted B2B audience. One way to do it is to reward them for paying sooner, for example when they make an order. This supports the cash flow to your business as well as encourage them to buy more and keep coming back. Another strategy is offering the customers a reward for buying either in bulk or simply above a certain amount of money, which will enhance your average order value.

Focus on content
Content marketing is seen as the most effective marketing practice since it drives customer engagement via reliable and trustworthy materials. Write blog posts and articles about news in the industry, share stories of others and the case studies and publish them on organic and paid channels. The posts and publications create trust in the customers and establish your expertise in the field. By offering rewards to the customers for sharing or leaving a reply under your blog posts, you are generating a strong connection with your customers while raising up your website’s position in the search rank.

Prioritize clean UX onsite
Sometimes a low engagement rate results from the fact that your customers don’t know you have a loyalty program. A successful B2B reward program needs to be accessible and visible, so make sure it’s easy to find and optimized for clarity and conversion. Customers need to know what they can get from a program upon landing on the site before joining in, which signifies the importance of a simple and clear UX onsite.

Have VIP tiered loyalty
Launching a VIP tier program with clear milestones and exclusive rewards at each stage incentivizes customers to do more to achieve high status. Your customers are more likely to become frequent shoppers if they see the value they get from you. Thus, take better care of them by offering high-level VIP rewards for additional purchases.

Include B2B in your B2C brand
This strategy depends on your business realm. If your brand is mainly in the B2C field, make sure to concentrate on your main program while taking good care of your B2B customers when it comes to retention and loyalty. However, if you sell to both stores and end-users, having a customer-focused loyalty program isn’t enough. Your B2B clients should be included and targeted as well.

Whether you’re doing the business in B2B or B2C field, a loyalty program is of importance to attain a strong customer base. We hope these tips will give you some ideas on crafting a B2B loyalty program to drive the utmost engagement. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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