Tips & Tricks (#39)

Sep 24th, 2018. Posted in: News

80% of your future revenue comes from only 20% of your current customers! Those are the regularly big spenders! Engage with this group of loyal customers by using  the following 2 tips & tricks:

  • Customer data usage
  • Data export button

Customer data usage
Knowing your customer simply enables you to fit your products or service exactly to their needs. However, to get to know your customer, you need data. Make sure that you give a personalized service in order to exceed customers.

Data export button
In your management panel, you have an overview of all your data. Here you can see how your loyal customer base grows, the industries that they’re interested in and much more! You can even export this data in a clear overview by clicking on the button as shown in the image.


Go to your management panel and try it out!