3 ways technology can build an emotional customer connection

Sep 3rd, 2018. Posted in: News

According to Harvard Business Review, companies that connect with consumers’ emotions will not only see a huge payoff in growth and profitability, but in brand awareness and loyalty.

The harsh reality is: as highly emotional beings that are constantly multi-tasking amidst distractions, “40% of today’s customers have a high willingness and ability to shift their spend,” according to Forrester, and “today’s customers reward or punish companies based on a single experience – at a single moment in time.”

While making brand emotion a priority, how can businesses deliver an experience that keeps customers coming back? Here are 3 ways technology can help.

3 Ways Technology Can Build an Emotional Customer Connection

Data-driven personalization

The key to personalizing CX is creating a single customer profile – information your organization holds about past purchases, buying behavior, and propensity to pay a premium on those goods and services. Data-driven personalization means customers receive the right information and the right offers that are relevant to them at the right time.

3 Ways Technology Can Build an Emotional Customer Connection

Automated customer journey processes

Smarter technology such as AI and chatbots automate the end-to-end customer journey to serve customers faster with accurate information. Chatbots are becoming the norm when it comes to offering customers quick, accurate, and relevant recommendations.

3 Ways Technology Can Build an Emotional Customer Connection

Optimized interactions

Customers expect the same ease and speed through all interactions across the business. Connecting the front office to the back office enables customers to interact intelligently – things like checking usage charges, tracking shipments, and redeeming loyalty benefits are all bought into a proactive personalized experience for customers when the data is connected.

While businesses have been focusing on optimizing channels over the last decade, it’s time to move smarter and faster. Brands can build emotional connections that transform customers from making just rational purchases due to price and convenience to sustained loyalty that translates to repeat purchases and increased revenue.